Small Groups

Small groups are disciple making communities that endeavor to reach the unchurched, meet individual needs, develop each person according to his or her God-given gifts, and raise leaders to sustain the health and stimulate the growth of the church.  Like heath body cells, small groups are designed to grow and multiply.

Many small groups have meetings, but few really experience true community.  Too often we give our lives to Bible study without giving them to one another.  In the process, we diminish the opportunity for God’s words to speak to us.  At LCC, we strive to develop “sticky” groups, a safe haven where individuals are willing to share life situations allowing others to offer biblical advice and the support needed for you to stick together.

Participating in Small Groups is one of the best ways to connect at Lake Christian Church.  For questions or more information, email

Click the link below for the current small group brochure for current meeting times and locations.

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